What is a Living Will and why do I need one?

Estate planning involves more than determining who will get your assets on your death. Undesired medical treatment can negatively impact your estate plan and possibly deplete your assets. Establishing documents detailing your wishes regarding medical treatment are important for your estate plan and for you and your family’s well-being—this is often done with a “living will.”

The creation of a Living Will (also known as an Advanced Health Care Directive) along with a Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA Authorization allows you to determine the type of care that you receive, the extent of that care and, if you should so desire, to give your family or loved ones decision-making authority regarding your health care. Our law firm can help you ensure your end of life decisions reflect your values and beliefs and are in accordance with your desires.

You want a Living Will and related documents regarding medical treatment in place before you can no longer make your own medical decisions or are at the end of your life. 

How do you want your life to end? Who do you want to make those decisions – your doctors or your loved ones?  To ensure your wishes are followed, and to remove emotion and guilt from the most difficult medical decisions your loved ones might have to make for you, it’s important to have the proper documents in place.