How to Collect a Business Debt

Being unable to collect on a business debt or delinquent account is a frustrating experience—the stall tactics, excuses, and false promises of commercial debtors seem to be never-ending.  The business debt collection attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland understand this process, and we aggressively pursue commercial debtors throughout the state of North Carolina.  When you’ve exhausted all your means to collect on a bad debt, including telephone calls and final payment notices, give our attorneys a call to discuss your options.

After you establish that a commercial customer is delinquent, each month that passes lowers your chances of recovery.  While debt collection companies are one option, the knowledge and authority of an experienced commercial debt collection law firm often motivate past-due debtors to pay the amount owed.  By hiring the attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland to handle your past-due accounts, you remove the burden of debt collection from your company, freeing up resources so you can keep doing what you do best:  conduct business.

Debt Collection Attorneys

Our lawyers regularly assist a broad base of commercial clients using flexible fee arrangements—many times, you will not be required to pay our firm an attorney fee unless we’re successful in collecting from your delinquent debtor. The legal services we provide most often include:

§    Drafting and sending debt collection demand letters

§    Filing suit for collection of debt owed

§    Filing judgments and liens

§    Pursuing collection of funds after entry of a judgment

In addition to commercial debt collection, the attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland also provide commercial contract drafting services to ensure your business is protected in the event a commercial customer or client refuses to pay.  From personal guarantees to attorney fee & cost reimbursement clauses, our lawyers are well versed in protecting and pursuing your receivables.