A Lawyer’s Guide to Stopping Telemarketer Calls Once And For All

Likely, you’ve probably been contacted recently by a telemarketer claiming to be calling on behalf of “Credit Card Services” or some other vaguely named organization.  Despite demanding that the telemarketer put you on the “no call list,” your phone probably rings off the hook with telemarketers wanting to sell you things you don’t need.  These types of unwanted calls have exploded in frequency over the last few years.  If you want to make the unsolicited calls stop, take the following steps:

First, register all your phone numbers with the “national do not call list,” operated by the U.S. federal government at www.donotcall.gov.  You can quickly enter up to three phone numbers at one time that you want removed from the telemarketing industry’s grasp.  This should stop most unsolicited calls you receive.

Second, when you receive telemarketing calls from companies that ignore the national do not call list, take this counterintuitive step:  don’t hang up right away.  Hanging up won’t end the calls—in fact, quite the opposite.  Hanging up will allow the telemarketer to continue to call you.  Instead, say this exact phrase to the person you ultimately speak with: “Please put me on your do not call list.”

Asking the question, “can you put me on your no call list?” or, “can you not call me anymore?” is not sufficient enough to require the telemarketer to put you on their do not call list under federal law.  Make sure to use the specific language stated above to halt future calls.

Finally, if you’re registered with the national do not call list and you specifically asked to be placed on a telemarketing company’s individual do not call list, every future call from that company will result in a hefty fine against them under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. 

 If you continue to receive these calls, keep track of every call’s date and time—each violation of federal law carries with it a penalty of $500.00, with the potential to triple the amount of money owed if the telemarketing company called you despite knowing you were on a do not call list.

If the unwanted telemarketing calls continue, consider taking legal action against these disreputable companies that ignore the law.  If you believe you are experiencing a potentially egregious violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, contact the knowledgeable consumer protection attorneys at Weaver, Bennett & Bland, P.A. to discuss your situation.