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Protect Yourself from Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is out of control.  The following statistics are alarming…and they are more than four years old…and the problem is not diminishing: On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. To put this in perspective, in one year, this equates to more than 10


How To Begin Divorce Proceedings in North Carolina

If you’re currently separated from your spouse and seeking a divorce in North Carolina, then here is information shared by our firm’s divorce attorney to help you understand the process. Parties must be separated for a year before filing an action for divorce. One of the parties must have lived in N.C. for six months


Domestic Violence Amid COVID-19 and How to Obtain a Domestic Violence Protective Order

NBC NEWS reported on April 5, 2020 that reports of domestic violence increased in March in many cities around the country as the coronavirus pandemic spread, according to law enforcement officials — raising concerns about families’ safety as they isolate at home.  The report included the statistic that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police fielded 517 additional calls about domestic violence


Issues to Consider When Separating From Your Spouse

The issue of the children will be the most emotionally charged topic that will be discussed in any separation.  Our attorneys will consider your unique circumstances and explain the best course of action for custody or visitation to achieve your goals and the best interests of the children.  The most critical factors in determining custody


Not My Business, Too! What Happens When a Business Owner Separates from His or Her Spouse

Marital property is property that was obtained or accumulated during marriage through marital effort or income.  If you started a business after your marriage, the business is marital property.  Mixed property is both separate and marital.  If you started a business before marriage, the increase in value due to business efforts during the marriage is