Top Signs Your Spouse May Be Having An Affair

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding something and that they may be having an affair, it can be easy to let emotions get best of you. Here are ten things to look out for to rationally assess the situation.

  1. Your spouse is being less intimate with you. If the frequency or the ardor of your spouse’s affections have changed, a substitute for you may be the cause.
  2. Your spouse is making or receiving more phone calls or texting more than usual. He or she may be communicating with someone at odd hours (very early in the morning or in the middle of the night); Your spouse is taking or making these phone calls in private. These are signs something unusual is going on and it might be an affair.
  3. Your spouse is changing their eating and exercising habits…for the better and not upon a doctor’s “orders.” Your spouse may be trying to look good for that special someone, but not you.
  4. Your spouse is interested in different music, books, movies and other activities (sports, theater, etc.) than he or she has a history of liking. Your spouse may be mimicking the interests of a lover.
  5. Your spouse is suddenly spending a lot more time out with” girlfriends” than she has in years. This sudden social activity may be blinds for meeting a paramour.
  6. Your spouse is changing what they wear, their hairstyle, accessories, etc. Perhaps this is the style a lover likes.
  7. Your spouse does not want to spend time with your family or friends…possibly a sign they are boring, but possibly your spouse is worried they will notice things you are too close to the situation to notice.
  8. Your spouse finds fault with you all the time and complains about you to others. This can assuage the spouse’s guilt about having an affair, because after all, you just do not measure up.
  9. Your spouse comes home smelling of cigarettes and he or she does not smoke and avoids smokers generally; A husband comes home with a collar that smells of a woman’s perfume and it’s not yours, a wife comes home with a different body scent. Alcohol (or mouthwash) on a spouse’s breath, especially when the spouse was supposed to be working late.
  10. Segue to changing work habits – earlier hours or working late can be signs of an affair where one’s spouse rarely did such before.
  11. The Smoking Gun – unwarranted hotel receipts, purchases of gifts/flowers that you did not receive, articles of clothing in the house or car that are not yours or the spouse